Constructam caravan windows

Constructam is a brand name for caravans that existed from 1958 to 1982 and whose factory was located in the Belgian town of Temse.

However, the company Ateliers de Constructions de Tamise was founded in 1947 and was first active in shipbuilding, among other things. In the sixties of the twentieth century Constructam experienced its heyday with the construction of caravans based on three different types. In those years Constructam was known as the Rolls Royce among caravans because of its beautiful design and very good build quality. Construction of Constructam caravans continued until 1982, the year the company went bankrupt. From 1986 there was a brief revival of the Constructam brand when the Chateau Caravan Group bought the Constructam name and decided to design and build a more modern Constructam caravan. After two years, the curtain finally fell for the brand. 

Ordering caravanwindow for Constructam
Does your Constructam caravan need new caravan windows? Please contact Willemsen Caravans. We are happy to help you with the purchase and installation of the new window. You can contact us via the contact page or by filling in the quotation form on the website. On this quotation form you need to describe your window in detail so that we can find the right window for your Constructam caravan.


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